2nd Sunday of Lent: Transfiguration of Jesus

Second Sunday of Lent in Catholic Church:

Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 17:1-9

homily by father Fabrizio Cristarella Orestano, Ruviano’s Monastic Brotherhood

Last Sunday, Jesus has shown himself to fight in our struggle, dealing with temptations. This Sunday, the transfiguration of Jesus shows us the result of our history in his love. Matthew writes that Jesus’ face “shone like the light”. That face is a promise of light for our faces. The transfiguration is’nt a triumph. The Transfiguration is a mystery of revelation. It is the revelation of the true vocation of every person.

A vocation made ​​of light that the man gets completely in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the promised blessing to all nations that God announced to the patriarch Abraham. Light, blessings, beauty, all live in Jesus Christ, who has transfigured humanity. The apostate Paul says that “God dwells in inaccessible light”. Jesus has made ​​available that light.

Peter admires the beauty of trasfiguration, he does not want to come down from Mount Tabor, but Peter, like all Christians, must understand that the beauty of the Transfiguration can not stay in a tent on the mountain. Jesus with the transfiguration announces the Kingdom, the Kingdom can not remain isolated. It must bring the light of God in the heart of the pain experienced by every man.

God the Father says to the three disciples to listen to his son, Jesus, He is the summary of the Holy Scriptures. Shemà  has a face, we are called to listen to Jesus Christ. At the end of the story, Matthew writes that the disciples are alone with Jesus, Moses and Elijah are gone. We are invited to follow Jesus in his daily life, in our daily lives, we are called to follow Jesus and only Jesus. We are called to follow the Son of Man upon the cross, to tell the beauty of the Kingdom, passing through death and comes to the joy of resurrection.

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