Purim: People masquerade in memory of Esther

The Jewish communities are celebrating the days of Purim. The celebration recalls the story of the Book of Esther, heroine of the tribe of Benjamin, who revealed the plot to kill the Jews, plotted by Haman, to her husband, King Ahasuerus.

The mitzvot for the 14th day of Adar are four. The reading of the Megillah of Esther, the gift to friends and relatives, the gift to the poor and the convivial meal where the wine flows like a river.

Purim means “festival of fate”. In fact, Haman decided on the day of the murder by casting lots. All patterns are altered, such as Carnival. The presence of God is hidden, the name of God is never written in the book, the name of God is evoked with sentences. Ester is the instrument of God to save the people.

The name Esther is derived from “Haster” which means “hide”.  Esther hides her husband that she is Jewish. Esther prepares a hidden strategy. Ester is the silent action of God. The man of God has to say “no”to his ego because God must act in his life.

Just as Esther mask her identity, the people turn to the streets with masks. A special party for children, changing identity and receive gifts.

Purim is preceded by a fast to commemorate Esther’s fasting before saving Israel.

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