Archdiocese of Naples helps Japan

The Archdiocese of Naples helps Japan. Caritas organizes a collection of money to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami in the North – East of Japan.

Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, archbishop of Naples, requested the help of schools, associations, institutions and parishes of the city.

The Japanese Caritas is working with other associations to save the survivors and rebuild the destroyed cities. In the past the little church of the nation has helped Asian nations hit by disasters.

“The shame can be changed in a call to love and solidarity, ” said father Daisuke Narui, president of Caritas Japan, speaking to journalists of Radio Vaticana.

These are the contacts for deals:

• CONTO CORRENTE POSTALE: n°14461800 intestato a “Caritas Italiana Opera Diocesana di Assistenza di Napoli”

• BANCA PROSSIMA: n°6483 intestato a “Arcidiocesi di Napoli – Caritas Diocesana Napoli” e aperto presso la filiale 5000 di Milano – IBAN: PAESE CIN EUR CIN ABI CAB N° CONTO IT 07 K 03359 01600 100000006483

• UNICREDIT BANCA DI ROMA: conto intestato a “Caritas Diocesana Napoli” aperto presso l’Agenzia Napoli 19 – IBAN: PAESE CIN EUR CIN ABI CAB N° CONTO IT 37 X 03002 03407 000400883868 Indicating the reason : EMERGENZA GIAPPONE 2011

or paid directly to the cashier of Caritas, Sergio Alfieri, every day from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 13.00.

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